Per Diem Staffing

U.N.I. has decades of experience providing facilities with per diem staffing services to help meet their personnel needs.

Per diem medical staffing literally means “per day” hiring and offers a fast, flexible and cost effective staffing solution for short-term specialized healthcare needs. Hiring on a per diem basis removes the hassle and commitment associated with recruiting permanent medical professionals.

The rapid securement of competent per diem medical professionals can avert last-minute clinical staff shortages by sourcing qualified staff for even hard-to-fill positions.

Per diem staffing empowers you to acquire the excellent healthcare professionals your facility requires on an “as-needed basis” however challenging the required level of medical expertise, shift or location may be.

How Per Diem Staffing Agencies Can Help You

Per diem staffing agencies offer short-term staffing solutions for healthcare providers including hospitals, clinics and convalescent facilities. Their role is to source the best healthcare professionals and ensure they are engaged in the right position at the right time to ensure a facility’s individual staffing requirements are fully met.

A per diem staffing agency offers you fast and easy access to skilled, competent and trustworthy healthcare professionals who are willing to step in at short notice and support your team in providing the highest quality of care for your patients.

Per diem staffing prevents staff shortages which could impact on your team’s performance and result in patients receiving poorer quality of care. This is an ideal solution for overcoming:

  • Last-minute shift cancellations
  • Unanticipated demand
  • Staff vacations
  • Leave of absence
  • Illness

Per diem staffing offers a swift and effective answer to any short term staffing issues whilst offering the flexibility of increasing or decreasing staffing levels during rapidly changing circumstances which may be due to:

  • Local accidents 
  • Medical emergencies 
  • Natural disasters
  • Epidemics
  • Pandemics

Per diem staffing also gives you an opportunity to assess how well a potential employee will fit in to your team prior to offering them a permanent job by enabling you to “try-before-you-buy” and guarantee the candidate is perfect for the role.

Why Hire Per Diem Medical Professionals?

As a staffing solution, per diem delivers a superb range of benefits to medical facilities:

  • Provides substitutes for absent employees during busy periods
  • Rapidly meets short-term yet highly specialized medical demands
  • Reduces costs of time-sensitive medical skills
  • Lowers overall staffing costs
  • Eliminates the hassle and commitment of hiring permanent staff
  • Prevents engagement of an unsuitable employee 
  • Empowers observation of how well a promising applicant actually performs and fits with the team.
Interested in Our Per Diem Staffing Services?

Reach out to us directly to learn more about how we can assist with your per diem staffing needs today!

U.N.I. Helps Recruit the Best Per Diem Professionals

U.N.I.’s policy of complete compliance to the operational guidelines outlined by the Joint Commission Standards for Healthcare Staffing Services, empowers us to provide the best per diem staffing solutions for:

  • Large Acute Care Hospitals
  • Community-based Hospitals
  • Trauma Centers
  • State and Federal Facilities
  • Skilled Nursing Facilities
  • Comprehensive Health Centres
  • University Teaching Hospitals
  • Correctional Facilities
  • Rehabilitation Facilities 
  • School Districts

How Our Per Diem Staffing Process Works

U.N.I.’s talented recruitment team is committed to providing the highest calibre of per diem healthcare professionals for every facility, every time.

We utilize a rigorous and finely tuned screening and hiring process to ensure your facility benefits from the best and most committed healthcare professionals who completely meet your unique staffing requirements.

Our screening and hiring requirements include:

  • Meticulous selection of staff
  • A rigorous Interview
  • Thorough validation of skills
  • Accepting only graduates from accredited colleges
  • Verifying work history and reference checking
  • Examining immunization and other medical records

U.N.I’s stringent screening process guarantees that each and every member of our per diem staffing team have proven themselves to be highly competent, compassionate and in complete possession of the required skills for any per diem assignments assignment offered to them.

Our staff verification process involves extensive checks on every employee’s:

  • License
  • Certification
  • Education and work experience

U.N.I. per diem staff are required to:

  • Hold a verified, current and clear active license
  • Be in possession of their specialty certificate
  • Supply a current CPR/BLS
  • For certain positions we also demand a minimum of one year’s recent acute hospital experience

Our expertise in healthcare solutions coupled with the best known practices for healthcare facilities empowers us to recruit and retain the excellent medical staff we strive to provide. 

We understand the demands of both healthcare facilities and staff and use this knowledge to offer flexible staffing solutions which help our clients to save time, money and resources.

Why Choose U.N.I. for Per Diem Medical Staffing?

U.N.I. offers per diem staffing solutions across Los Angeles, San Francisco, San Diego & New Orleans. 

Our stringent hiring process enables us to provide your facility with the industry’s most qualified, experienced and sought after health care professionals on a per diem basis for both short and longer term placements.

Our enviable register of leading healthcare professionals guarantees the most reliable per diem staff with a sought after combination of compassion and clinical expertise to offer the best possible care for your patients.

Only meticulously vetted health care professionals who meet our stringent minimum requirements are taken on in order to maintain our enviable reputation for expertly sourcing the perfect candidate for every available position, every time.

U.N.I. offers you the ease and flexibility of hiring highly specialized staff on an as and when needed basis. We promise: 

  • 100% flexibility over the length of an assignment 
  • Easier access to the cutting-edge expertise

U.N.I. guarantees a swift, smooth and stress free staffing solution every time as our staff recruitment experts take care of every detail from sourcing, selecting and screening staff to training and hiring healthcare professionals who meet our exacting standards following:

  • A comprehensive review of all credentials
  • Success at an intensive interview 

 U.N.I. is committed to meeting your short-term staffing requirements by providing the best possible per diem staff to meet your unique requirements. 

You can be confident that our caring and compassionate staff will support your team in providing the highest possible standards of patient care for the duration of their assignment and enhance the services provided by your medical facility. 

We welcome your feedback on our assigned employees’ performance following completion of their assignment with you.

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