Per Diem Assigments

What is Per Diem Staffing?

The per diem in per diem staffing means “per day” and refers to employment or payment based on day-to-day work rather than full-time. Per diem employment for health care professionals /allied staff members means being on call and accepting shifts at a variety of locations or floors.

Why Choose Per Diem?

You can work in a variety of settings! With an abundance of skills, you can be more valuable to your patients and diversify your resume. You can discover which services and facilities you like the best, and take only the work you want.

You choose your own schedule by accepting the shifts you like.

U.N.I and Per Diem

Per diem staffing from U.N.I. typically work either for clinics, convalescent facilities, or hospitals. Hospitals use lists of per diem staffing to fill in as needed. U.N.I. gives health care professionals opportunities to take shifts at multiple locations.
While hospitals keep their per diem health care professionals in the same environment, we pride ourselves on giving our health care professionals and allied team members more diverse experience and more chance to grow in your field. We give you more experiences to make you the best medical professional you can be.


U.N.I. provide benefits, including health insurance, to per diem health care professionals including Dental, Medical & Vision.

Dental Insurance

Medical Insurance

Vision Insurance

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