Managed Services Program

Why opt for MSP Services?

Cost Reduction + Efficienty

Healthcare staffing has a long history of being a time-consuming and labor-intensive process.
Time and labor add up to higher cost and inefficiency. UNI MSP addresses the various concerns of a healthcare organization on many levels including Finance, Human Resources, Nurse Managers, Department Supervisors and so much more. Consider just a few of the benefits that UNI MSP offers to help healthcare facilities reduce their costs:
  • Credential/TJC (JCAHO) compliance Management
  • Effective and Efficient Communication
  • Proactive Scheduling
  • Budgetary management and forecasting
  • Minimal implementation costs and rapid ROI

Real Time Efficiency

All staffing events are distributed as they unfold from the original staffing order to the candidate submission and acceptance, cancellation, etc., keeping everyone immediately informed.


We fully understand how healthcare organizational structures vary and how different levels of automation are needed. UNI can tailor their MSP services to meet those specific requirements and considers varying facility sizes and management groups

Rapid Service

The healthcare staffing industry is a very fast-paced and competitive environment. UNI MSP respond to this environment via a web-based service application. This means that staffing needs are communicated directly eliminating emails, unnecessary phone calls and messages and all other unwanted communication. Our MSP services offers faster response and a more effective process that creates efficiency to both the hospitals and the healthcare professionals that service them.

Control & Commitment

UNI MSP enhances the decision-making process by making crucial staffing information available on demand. This directly lowers costs and increases control and efficiency through better utilization of available resources, management of overtime and agency utilization.

Improved Quality

UNI MSP employs a highly customizable credential management system to keep healthcare professionals in compliance in licensure, immunizations, competency testing, and more. Quality patient-care and satisfaction is achieved by keeping your candidates screened, qualified, and available when you need them. The convenience of utilizing MSP services ensures optimal deployment of staffing resources which ultimately means improved nurse to patient ratios and more accurate acuity levels.

Our intense implementation of our program involves us working closely with our clients so that we can customize a program that will meet our clients’ specific needs.

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